NBO initiates first public art project   Recently updated !

The North Buffalo Organization is sponsoring a mural design competition as part of its plan to initiate and promote public art projects along Hertel Avenue and other North Buffalo locations. J&L Auto Repair at 1127 Hertel Avenue is partnering with NBO by providing space on its building for the mural. Installation of the final artwork […]

NBO Mural at J&L Auto


Marketing the Market

  If opening day was any indication, the North Buffalo Farmers Market at Holy Spirit Church on Hertel Avenue is on track for one heck of a second season:  Over 600 people came out on June 4th much to the delight of Market Manager Patricia DiFrancesco Banning and the 15 vendors plus two food trucks […]

At CRAVing, Playing for the Farm Team

  Adam Goetz figures that over the past couple of years he’s had a total of 16 days off. And when he works, every day is a 12-hour marathon. But tending to his dream restaurant is that kind of job – he’s all in. Be careful what you wish for, right? Goetz is executive chef, […]



A Shot of Local Pride… and a Beer

A good craft beer, Mike Tripi explains, has to have a story behind it. It’s not just some microbrewery’s summer ale; to connect with drinkers, the tall one needs a tale. Tripi’s own craft is advertising and design, and his young business, Buffalo Beer Mug Co., is riding the wave of the brewing resurgence in […]

Building Sweat Equity on Hertel

The TV monitors are jumping, the colored strobe lights are flashing, the music is pounding, and the instructor is barking out encouragement to step it up. There’s sweat. Panting. Maybe a little trash-talking. Exercising so hard was never so much fun. That’s the idea, anyway, behind Saddle Indoor Cycling, which is just reaching cruising speed […]



Construction Underway on Hertel Avenue

Despite the wintry conditions, work is underway on Frizlen’s newest urban infill project at 1685 Hertel Avenue. The development will contain 16 two-bedroom apartments, two ground floor studio apartments, and two commercial storefronts. 16 garage parking spaces will be positioned behind the retail space, accessible through a center driveway. The project is modeled after a $2.7 million dollar development at […]

Starin’ Through My Rear View 3

In a recent petition to homeowners along North Buffalo’s Starin Avenue, a road diet in the form of a change in parking restrictions has been proposed to calm traffic and improve safety on what is a primarily residential street. If everything goes as planned, the 7-9am and 4-6pm parking restrictions would be removed and parking […]

Starin Ave

NB Development Map

What’s Next for Hertel Avenue? 19

Hertel is hot. Businesses are opening left and right, and it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. Here’s our take on what’s happening to the neighborhood in the near future (in no particular order):   1. St. Margaret’s Conversion – Iskalo Development Dating back to August 2013, Iskalo Development’s $5.4 million dollar mixed use project […]

Buffalo CarShare on Hertel Avenue? 1

Buffalo CarShare is looking to team up with a Hertel Avenue business/organization who is interested in helping the non-profit provide better access to transportation for the whole community. CarSharing works best in walk-able communities, with convenient access to public transportation, so Hertel Avenue is an ideal location for the next Buffalo CarShare hub. CarSharing is […]



Introducing North Buffalo Green Team

During the spring and summer months, the team will meet on a monthly basis at Belsito where they will grab supplies then venture out for an hour of picking up litter along Hertel Ave. After the cleanup, volunteers will return to Belsito for drinks and food. Each monthly cleanup will be posted as an Event on NorthBuffalo.org’s facebook.   […]